As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates across the world (and especially in Europe currently), we advise members to take the following steps to receive instant updates that may be useful to your situation:

1. Join the Singapore Global Network telegram chat (go.gov.sg/sgn-ostelegram) - they have created individualized announcement channels for each region and will post any relevant updates and information on these channels.

2. eRegister with MFA to receive official updates on the advice from the Singapore government for Singaporeans overseas given the most recent information on the outbreak http://eregister.mfa.gov.sg.

This is a trying time of uncertainty for all of us, we hope that everyone will do their part to rally and support each other amidst the social distancing and Stay-Home Notice regulations while encouraging each other to be socially responsible to help curb the outbreak!


IMPORTANT NOTE: AGM has been postponed to Wednesday, 8 April 2020, 10am London time (5pm SGT)

This decision has been made as this is a critical time for many in light of the COVID-19 situation with many members concerned with flying back to Singapore and preparing for isolation.

AGM will be conducted online on the platform 'Zoom' for social distancing purposes as well as to allow for members in London and Singapore to join. Full instructions for how the online AGM will be conducted have been posted on our facebook group!

Online voting will remain open until 9.59am London time (4.59pm SGT), 8 April 2020.

*Do note that there will also be 'live' online voting during AGM after each candidate's speeches have been heard, we encourage members to vote only at this stage if possible to ensure your vote is informed!


KCL Singapore Society has permanently moved from the executive committee's individual email accounts to a centralised email account.

For future correspondence, please email us at kclsingsoc@gmail.com!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we hope to hear from you soon!