KCLMSS had its first encounter with the theatre in 1990, when Yeo Joon Han, now an award-winning indie film director, wrote, directed and acted in an original production about the Malaysian New Economic Policy. The society’s musical culture was revived in 2007, and since then we have produced 7 more musicals: “Merdeka: The Rock Musical” (2006/07), “Beauty World” (2008/09), “Love Song For No One” (2009/10), “In Pursuit” (2010/11), “Uniform” (2011/12) ,“Homebound” (2012/13) and "Platform B" (2013/14) with the event now being an annual tradition. Following the creation of KCL SingSoc in 2015, the annual production still remains an integral and important activity in the events calendar. Since then, we've taken on a new and different production each year: "Committee: A New Musical"(2015/16), "Boom by Jean Tay" (2016/17), "Those Who Can't, Teach" (2017/18) and most recently "Understudies" (2018/19). Stay tuned for updates for our 2020 production!



Merdeka: The Rock Musical (2007)

Uniform: A Fable of Distinctions (2012)

Committee: A New Musical (2016)

Beauty World (2009)

Homebound (2013)

Boom by Jean Tay (2017)

Love Song for No One (2010)

Platform B (2014)

Those Who Can't, Teach (2018)

In Pursuit (2011)

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (2015)

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Understudies (2019)


Mosaic (2020)