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2019: Understudies


Directed by: Nadia Dohadwala and Naufal Zahin

Produced by: Kevin Khoo and Kerryn Lee

Scriptwriter: Cornelius Tan


Date: 7 & 8 March 2019

Venue: Bush House Auditorium

As an adaptation of the short story by Jeffrey Lim, "Understudies" follows the life of protagonist Sydney Wong, a successful Singaporean who has 'stuck to the script' for most of his life. Through his interactions with his parents, family and schoolmates, the play explores the themes of individual liberty, friendship and familial ties against the backdrop of a dystopian Singaporean society, where pre-determined roles are imposed on citizens and non-conformity is met with 'replacement'. Mothers, students, significant others, children, each has a specific role to play and a way to play it. The play follows Sydney's journey as he struggles against conformity throughout his life and ultimately attempts to break free from it. Do we have freedom? Do we need freedom? Should we conform to the labels of society? Or should we find our own path and own identity?

We hope those of you who managed to get tickets enjoyed the production!

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